Lynx Dominated Swedish Stadioncross Championships

27. January 2012

Lynx pilots dominated Swedish Stadioncross Championships in Östersund. Petter Nårsa, as a troop commander of Lynx, led the Lynx pilots to the podium.

Petter Nårsa and Lynx showed, once again, who´s who in Snowcross. Nårsa dominated every single heat he rode on Thursday. Nårsa, who doesn´t respect the law of gravity or any other law of physics, had decided not just to defense his last year´s Stadioncross Champion but win another trpohy. And that´s exactly what he did.Nårsa had great starts but in his second qualifying heat he had to race against Joel Westerlund, Pontus Engström and Logan Christian who had better start. After just few laps he took his usual position, kept his place and saluted the flag as a winner.

In finals Swedish Lynx pilot, Adam Renheim, made Nårsa run for his money. Renheim rode extremely aggressively but smart and it seemed like he could catch Nårsa, who managed to be little too fast for Renheim. The bronze medalist, Marcus Ogemar-Hellgren couldn´t match the speed of Nårsa and Renheim, but he did good job by letting Johan Eriksson watch his Lynx´s snow flap from the safe distance.

30 riders were chasing the Swedish Standioncross Championship and just 10 riders survived to final heat. Five out ten finalists rode Lynx snowmobiles. This fact is one evidence of Lynx´s dominance in snowmobile racing! Man behind Rave RS 600, Janne Tapio was one very happy man after the final.
- This was phenomenal race! Lynxies were overwhelming fast in the final heat and Petter Nårsa is The Man! I was very happy to watch how well Rave RS 600 went trough every section of track compared to every other brand.